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Easy, fast and beautiful Advent Calendar

Surprisingly enough, Christmas is coming again this year 😉

As I’m going through some (positive) changes in my offline life, here’s a little tutorial I had published some years ago.

Time flies, and it’s only a little more than a month until Christmas. If you need a last-minute advent calendar which is easy to make, looks great and doesn’t cost a fortune, go on reading:

You need:

  • a sheet of Scrapbooking paper (12″x12″)
  • a piece of sturdy carton in the same size (old vinyl record covers work great!)
  • Paper Glue
  • scissors, cutter knife, cutting mat
  • a 3/4 inch circle punch or stamps/stickers with numbers
  • thin ribbon
  • hole punch, for example the Crop-a-Dile
  • 24 printedstories/recipes/quotes (I can’t offer mine for download because I don’t own the copyright).

The basis for each calendar is a simple 12×12 sheet of scrapbooking paper glued to a 12×12 piece of sturdy cardboard. I used a 3/4 inch circle punch to create numbers in matching colors. If you like, you can download my numbers-in-circles design, print and punch (3 color schemes on one sheet).

Beneath the numbers, I used my crop-a-dile to punch small holes through the calendar. If you don’t have a crop-a-dile, you can use an eyelet tool or a hole punch out of daddy’s toolbox. Punch two extra holes in the upper left and right corner, so the calendar can be hung to the wall.

As you can see, I chose to stamp the numbers directly on the dots of this beautiful paper.
I chose 24 short stories, poems, recipes etc. and printed them on high quality paper. I folded and/or rolled the sheets, tied them to a pretty ribbon and threaded the ribbons through the calendars’ holes. A square knot on the back – that’s it. I used a small IKEA Allen wrench to push the ribbons through the holes. If you give the calendar to a couple, you can use two different ribbon colors for them to take turns in opening the gifts.

Here’s another version …

… with a tinted mirror snowflake as an embellishment.

This tutorial was first published in 2009.

I swapped with myself

… because I joined Get Messy after the paper swap had taken place. Something with a nice texture, something stamped, some paper with text… as I have all of that in my stash, anyway, I pretended to gather papers for an imaginary swap partner. The result is this combination which I’ll show you as the finished art journal page:

For the newest Retro Sketch I made this card:

Apart from that I am looking forward to next week’s craft show which I am preparing for. Details follow tomorrow 😀

Words don’t come easy

… at least if you do it as clumsily as I did. It is obvious that putting your hand on freshly written text is a bad idea, but I smeared the fresh ink all over my newest page. Duh. And ironically, the page’s title is “Wisdom” 😉
Well, I simply wrote the text on some notebook paper and taped it in.
As my mobile phone is dying a slow death, I cannot upload any pics to Instagram *sniff*. And as it’s autumn and grey outside, my photos didn’t really get enough light today.
Thanks to my husband’s desk lamp, here’s an improvised picture show:


The image at the bottom is spliced – consisting of two images. The inspiration came from Get Messy.

For a double page I used some older pages from my CitraSolv experiment. On it I wrote some lyrics from the song “All the Answers” by Kieran Halpin with a stencil, then I filled them with a gel pen. The page is about all those existential questions.


The funniest page is about my favorite word: Schlabbergulsch. It only exists in our family, describing the gelly-like state of egg-white which isn’t fully cooked yet. Yuck!


My favorite page is about my most loved books from my childhood: “The Little Vampire” by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. Gosh, I loved them!…

2015-10-vampireLet me know if you like it! 😀

The ultimate word for Scrabble

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – the fear of long words.
Now isn’t that ironic? 😉

Anke gets messy

Well, I Get Messy in a very artsy way 😉

GM-ThursdaysSince July I’m a member of this altered journal community which is full of great people and has wonderful prompts as well as nice tutorials. The prompts come in “seasons”, and I had joined just before the Season of Serenity started. Here’s one of my pages.

The new season is “Words”. As a journal for this season, we should prepare an old book – that was easy-peasy for me because I had prepared an old book for “Get Messy” anyway. Just the cover looked a little boring, that’s why I jazzed it up with water colors, washi tape, old book pages, a stamp and lace:

Now I can hardly wait until Caylee publishes the next promts 😀

And for this season (at least) I’ll participate in the “Get Messy Thursdays”, that means you’ll see my “Word” pages each Thursday here on my blog. I hope you enjoy!