Pinspiration #4 – Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

pinspirationchallengeColored tissue paper bleeds like crazy when it gets wet. I found a great art project here.
But before I use it for an art lesson, I prefer to try it myself. I know my luck, Murphy’s Law would kick my behind if I didn’t…
Some time ago I bought this square punch, and I had the idea to make a rasterized heart:

I used the random pattern for another project which I’ll post in the next week.

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Pinspiration #3: Citra Solv

I can’t remember when and how I came across Citra Solv – probably looking for inspirational altered journals.

Citra Solv is an organic cleaning concentrate which is not only great for removing stains – it reacts with the ink of certain magazines (National Geographic and GEO), leading to surprising abstract results. There are many artists who work with Citra Solv, and from small cards (ACEOs and ATCs) up to large works of art on canvas, everything is possible.

My pinspiration is a whole pinboard this time: This is it. So much inspiration in one place, I couldn’t resist – I had to order some Citra Solv and give it a try.

Please note: Only work in a well ventilated area. The smell is very intense, and even though it smells like oranges, it can cause headaches. I was allowed to work in my parents’ guest room, so nobody would be disturbed.

As you can see, it’s really simple. As soon as the papers have dried, take a close look at them. Some are boring (it can help to crunch and water them again), others are fascinating. Look how my papers turned out:

Now I still need to figure out what to do with them. Collages? Altered Journal? Use them as a canvas? I’ll probably give all of these options a try, stay tuned 😉

Pinspiration No. 2

pinspirationchallengeMy second Pinspiration: beautifully romantic, vintage style earrings, based on this Pin. I couldn’t find exactly the same ‘ingredients’ – it would have been too expensive to order them from overseas – but I didn’t want to make a 1:1 copy anyway. Here you can see my two color combos:
"Pinspired" Earrings
Quite cute, don’t you think? I’m not sure whether to leave them like this or to turn them into pendants, though. Dangly earrings tend to irritate me sooner or later 😉

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When I looked at my Pinterest statistics the other day it almost knocked my socks off: Close to 1500 pins on 67 boards!

Holy Cow…

pinspirationchallengeWell, my year 2015 has the motto “Forward”. As most of my pins are creative stuff, the idea was to give all those pinned projects a try. That’s why I’m challenging myself to re-create/-bake/-craft one pin per week this year.

A “Pinspiration Challenge”, you could say.


schmelztitel_eSo here comes my first Pinspiration: My son (3) loves his little toys, and he loves water! One evening I grabbed a tupperware box and filled it with little cars, smurfs, and figurines. Then I simply added water and put the box in the freezer.
This is the pin which inspired this activity.
The next day, when my junior didn’t quite know what to do, I put a flat glas bowl on the kitchen table and made my son sit on his chair. He watched me in amazement when I opened the freezer, got out the tupperware box and put it under warm water. I emptied the colorful ice block into the bowl. Wait, colorful ice? “Mommy, tractor! Peguin!” – my son was excited when he recognized his toys. How could we free them from the ice? “Mommy hairdryer!” – um, yeah. Better not.

Nasensauger als PipetteWe don’t have a plastic (aka childsafe) eyedropper, and I didn’t want my son to use a syringe. I resorted to a “nasal aspirator” which is used to free a baby’s nose from snot. That sounds disgusting, and it truly is 😉 It needs to be cleaned thoroughly, of course.
I filled a bowl with warm water and showed my son how he could use the “snot sucker” to suck and release the water, slowly removing the ice from his toys.
My little one was busy excavating for almost an hour :).

Sure, I had to remove the melt water and fill the warmwater bowl several times, and the table didn’t stay dry. But my son had a great time! And lots of patience – very untypical of him 🙂 He beamed and said “Mommy, look!”, whenever he had freed a toy. The first “saved” car was allowed to watch him, of course.

P2120565Doesn’t a frozen smurf look creepy? 😉

Among the frozen toys I had a squirt toy which would have floated to the surface. Obviously. So before putting it in the tupperware box, I filled it with water. After the excavation, this turned out to be extra fun: The water inside melted slowly, so the toy had to “pee” quite often.
You see, our child is VERY interested in bodily functions…
P2120561And he doesn’t realize that drinking water from a snot sucker is disgusting. Toddlers are gross 😉

This activity was a hit, so the pin turned out to be a keeper! For my son, it was a great exercise in fine motor skills and patience.

Let’s see what I’ll try next.

How about you? Do you want to join my challenge?