Pinspiration #4 – Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

pinspirationchallengeColored tissue paper bleeds like crazy when it gets wet. I found a great art project here.
But before I use it for an art lesson, I prefer to try it myself. I know my luck, Murphy’s Law would kick my behind if I didn’t…
Some time ago I bought this square punch, and I had the idea to make a rasterized heart:

I used the random pattern for another project which I’ll post in the next week.

How about you? Do you want to join my challenge?

Pinspiration #3: Citra Solv

I can’t remember when and how I came across Citra Solv – probably looking for inspirational altered journals.

Citra Solv is an organic cleaning concentrate which is not only great for removing stains – it reacts with the ink of certain magazines (National Geographic and GEO), leading to surprising abstract results. There are many artists who work with Citra Solv, and from small cards (ACEOs and ATCs) up to large works of art on canvas, everything is possible.

My pinspiration is a whole pinboard this time: This is it. So much inspiration in one place, I couldn’t resist – I had to order some Citra Solv and give it a try.

Please note: Only work in a well ventilated area. The smell is very intense, and even though it smells like oranges, it can cause headaches. I was allowed to work in my parents’ guest room, so nobody would be disturbed.

As you can see, it’s really simple. As soon as the papers have dried, take a close look at them. Some are boring (it can help to crunch and water them again), others are fascinating. Look how my papers turned out:

Now I still need to figure out what to do with them. Collages? Altered Journal? Use them as a canvas? I’ll probably give all of these options a try, stay tuned 😉

One Little Word & 12 Tags of 2015 2

One Little Word, or OLW, is a word which you choose to be your “companion” for one year. The idea comes from Ali Edwards, and during the past years, it grew to be a wonderful group of creative people who support each other on Facebook.
My word for this year is “Forward”. In 2014 I had to deal with lots of health issues, and as an additional nuisance my website was hacked. I felt like I was stuck, so now my motto for 2015 is “Forward”.

timholtzpaperworldBut what are “12 Tags”? Have you ever heard about Tim Holtz, an incredibly creative guy from the USA? He uses those manila tags as a sort of tiny canvas, and he turns them into stunning works of art – look here in case you haven’t seen his art yet. Last year I was lucky to meet him in person at the PaperWorld fair in Frankfurt. Seeing him work with inks and stamps is like watching a magician.

Back to the topic.

The 12 Tags of 2015 are monthly inspirations by Tim Holtz. He posts step-by-step instructions on his blog, showing how he works with inks, pens, sprays, and embellishments. He’s been doing this for several years now, but somehow I was never on time. This year I’m joining the challenge from the beginning, yay!

End of the long introduction 🙂


You’ll see a little gallery with short descriptions of my steps. I made the background stamp from an incomplete strip of little letter stamps which I had found at a playground (!). Lucky me.

The tag's outline on paper

The tag’s outline on paper

Stamped napkin, the outline is visible as a guide

Stamped napkin, the outline is visible as a guide

glued onto the tag

glued onto the tag, crinkly on purpose 😉




Some cyan acrylic color and a swash stamp


Silver ink (Mica Gloss) applied with a …


… “Make-up Egg” which is used for foundation. Great for crafting! 😀


A few drops of Adirondack “Cranberry” ink


Covered a piece of cardstock with blue glitter pen


Attached a piece of double-sided tape


Removed the foil and pressed onto a crackled CD


Voilà: A piece of sparkling paper!


Cut two arrows and attached them to the tag


Used a blue “Giotto Turbo Glitter” pen for the letters


Attached the word and outlined with black pen …


… & added two small “CD glitter” arrows


Put some Stickles on the numbers


Attached them and …


… added a blue outline.


Done! The elements sparkle in different colors, depending on the light source.


olwtags201528 olwtags201536 olwtags201535 One Little Word & 12 Tags of 2015 olwtags201533 olwtags201532 olwtags201531 olwtags201541  olwtags201539 olwtags201538