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A Happy Page, a little tutorial, and a font preview

Did you ever buy kitchen towels just because you loved the embossed pattern? Some time ago I came across cute towels with a heart pattern, and now I used them to prime my altered book pages in my art journal. Totally quick and easy:

Then you can add different layers to your liking. I want to try this technique with bold colors as well, but for now I simply used it as a base. For the current Get Messy season of “Happy”, I did this spread in my favorite colors:

I wish I had more time for experimental art, but I am working on two fonts which I had planned to release this weekend. Well, my child caught a bad cold, so my priorities shifted 🙂 Anyway, I can show you a preview of one of the fonts:

Now doesn’t that look promising?

Wish me luck that I’ll be able to publish this happy little font within the next days!

I swapped with myself

… because I joined Get Messy after the paper swap had taken place. Something with a nice texture, something stamped, some paper with text… as I have all of that in my stash, anyway, I pretended to gather papers for an imaginary swap partner. The result is this combination which I’ll show you as the finished art journal page:

For the newest Retro Sketch I made this card:

Apart from that I am looking forward to next week’s craft show which I am preparing for. Details follow tomorrow 😀

The ultimate word for Scrabble

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – the fear of long words.
Now isn’t that ironic? 😉

Anke gets messy

Well, I Get Messy in a very artsy way 😉

GM-ThursdaysSince July I’m a member of this altered journal community which is full of great people and has wonderful prompts as well as nice tutorials. The prompts come in “seasons”, and I had joined just before the Season of Serenity started. Here’s one of my pages.

The new season is “Words”. As a journal for this season, we should prepare an old book – that was easy-peasy for me because I had prepared an old book for “Get Messy” anyway. Just the cover looked a little boring, that’s why I jazzed it up with water colors, washi tape, old book pages, a stamp and lace:

Now I can hardly wait until Caylee publishes the next promts 😀

And for this season (at least) I’ll participate in the “Get Messy Thursdays”, that means you’ll see my “Word” pages each Thursday here on my blog. I hope you enjoy!