Tutorial: How to make that cool 5-nibbed pen

As I announced in my previous post, here’s the tutorial for my 5-nibbed pen which I used to create the drawing in my Instagram video.
At first, here it is as a – surprise! – Instagram video, below that you’ll find it as a picture-by-picture tutorial:

Tadaa – easy-peasy. It takes five minutes to create such a pen for writing music staffs, and you can embellish it completely individually. If you make one for yourself (or as a gift, as I often do for my recorder students), send me a pic or tag me on Instagram 😀 @ankeart

What got me 63k in one week 1

Last week I grabbed my 5-nibbed selfmade pen and drew an “a”, then filled it with the first few notes of the song “ABC” by The Jackson 5. As I had filmed that process, I uploaded it to Instagram and submitted it to the “Letter Archive” which collects hand-drawn letters.

Oh. My. GOSH!

That video got thousands of views within the first few hours! Usually I get ±60 views/likes for my Instagram photos, so I was completely baffled. Right now I have around 19k views on my personal account:

When the Letter Archive featured my video, it got an additional humongous amount of views (44k!!!) and dozens of comments (plus more than 100 new followers, yay!). One of the most asked questions was where I got that pen. Well, it is selfmade, and I’ll gladly share a tutorial with you. Just stay tuned until it’s finished (follow me on Instagram and/or sign up for my newsletter, then you’ll get notified about the tutorial).


One thing I totally messed up was the length of the video which slightly exceeded one minute. The last closeup of the finished letter was cut short, that’s why I’m posting the drawing here again for you to see in detail:


Yes, I know that there are some small mistakes in the music. That’s freedom of art, m’kay? 😉

I swapped with myself

… because I joined Get Messy after the paper swap had taken place. Something with a nice texture, something stamped, some paper with text… as I have all of that in my stash, anyway, I pretended to gather papers for an imaginary swap partner. The result is this combination which I’ll show you as the finished art journal page:

For the newest Retro Sketch I made this card:

Apart from that I am looking forward to next week’s craft show which I am preparing for. Details follow tomorrow 😀

Words don’t come easy

… at least if you do it as clumsily as I did. It is obvious that putting your hand on freshly written text is a bad idea, but I smeared the fresh ink all over my newest page. Duh. And ironically, the page’s title is “Wisdom” 😉
Well, I simply wrote the text on some notebook paper and taped it in.
As my mobile phone is dying a slow death, I cannot upload any pics to Instagram *sniff*. And as it’s autumn and grey outside, my photos didn’t really get enough light today.
Thanks to my husband’s desk lamp, here’s an improvised picture show:


The image at the bottom is spliced – consisting of two images. The inspiration came from Get Messy.

For a double page I used some older pages from my CitraSolv experiment. On it I wrote some lyrics from the song “All the Answers” by Kieran Halpin with a stencil, then I filled them with a gel pen. The page is about all those existential questions.


The funniest page is about my favorite word: Schlabbergulsch. It only exists in our family, describing the gelly-like state of egg-white which isn’t fully cooked yet. Yuck!


My favorite page is about my most loved books from my childhood: “The Little Vampire” by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. Gosh, I loved them!…

2015-10-vampireLet me know if you like it! 😀

The ultimate word for Scrabble

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – the fear of long words.
Now isn’t that ironic? 😉