How to avoid Christmas shopping stress

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your Christmas shopping done today? No problem! Until tomorrow evening you can get any of my printable posters for 25% off the regular price. Just use the code “EARLYBIRD”. There’s something in the shop for everyone 😀. My newest poster is available in English and German:


Look how pretty it can look in your home, too:


Serving suggestion

By the way – the code is valid for font licenses, too… 😉

What got me 63k in one week 1

Last week I grabbed my 5-nibbed selfmade pen and drew an “a”, then filled it with the first few notes of the song “ABC” by The Jackson 5. As I had filmed that process, I uploaded it to Instagram and submitted it to the “Letter Archive” which collects hand-drawn letters.

Oh. My. GOSH!

That video got thousands of views within the first few hours! Usually I get ±60 views/likes for my Instagram photos, so I was completely baffled. Right now I have around 19k views on my personal account:

When the Letter Archive featured my video, it got an additional humongous amount of views (44k!!!) and dozens of comments (plus more than 100 new followers, yay!). One of the most asked questions was where I got that pen. Well, it is selfmade, and I’ll gladly share a tutorial with you. Just stay tuned until it’s finished (follow me on Instagram and/or sign up for my newsletter, then you’ll get notified about the tutorial).


One thing I totally messed up was the length of the video which slightly exceeded one minute. The last closeup of the finished letter was cut short, that’s why I’m posting the drawing here again for you to see in detail:


Yes, I know that there are some small mistakes in the music. That’s freedom of art, m’kay? 😉

Programming is like Sex…

As an Instagram user you’re always happy about hearts and new subscribers, right? Two days ago I uploaded one of my posters instead of my usual art journaling pages, “faces in places” and random photos.

Wow, that image got more likes than any other of my pics!

It seems that there are quite a lot programmers out there who share my humor. And/or they can relate to the quote…? It’s a quote by Michael Sinz, here you go:

I think the text is a little too small. Okay on a large monitor, but on a phone screen? *squint*
Here’s a larger version:

Programming is like Sex

Do you think Bill Gates would like such a poster?

It’s available as a digital printable here: “Programming is like Sex… Poster”

A Happy Page, a little tutorial, and a font preview

Did you ever buy kitchen towels just because you loved the embossed pattern? Some time ago I came across cute towels with a heart pattern, and now I used them to prime my altered book pages in my art journal. Totally quick and easy:

Then you can add different layers to your liking. I want to try this technique with bold colors as well, but for now I simply used it as a base. For the current Get Messy season of “Happy”, I did this spread in my favorite colors:

I wish I had more time for experimental art, but I am working on two fonts which I had planned to release this weekend. Well, my child caught a bad cold, so my priorities shifted 🙂 Anyway, I can show you a preview of one of the fonts:

Now doesn’t that look promising?

Wish me luck that I’ll be able to publish this happy little font within the next days!