Make a twig heart in 2 minutes

Make a twig heartThis deco is perfect for every occasion! Beautiful for Easter, romantic for Valentine’s Day, lovely for Mother’s Day, for centerpieces at wedding parties… and I’ll show you how quickly they’re made.

That’s all you need:

  • forked, flexible twigs
  • a knife or sharp scissors

I made some hearts from willow twigs and from red osier. The red osier has a beautiful, vivid color which I prefer. The size of the heart depends on the size of the twig.
That’s how it works:

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deLook for some willow or red osier. Or any other plant with flexible, long twigs – sorry, my botanical knowledge isn’t good enough to give any advice ๐Ÿ˜‰

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deYou need a long twig which is forked. Both ends should be of comparable diameter.

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deCut off this Y-shaped twig. Keep the stem long, you can shorten it later if needed.

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deNow you carefully bend both of the twig’s ends down towards the middle of the stem. Hold them together as shown in the pic.

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deNow bend the twig from the back around the opposite twig, weaving it from front to back across the stem. Ugh, that’s hard for me to describe in English – have a look at the pics ๐Ÿ˜‰

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deNow you take the other twig and weave it across to the other side.

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deRepeat the weaving until you reach the end of the twigs. In my example, the twigs were rather short.
Cut off the ends.

Here you can see two more hearts, the left one is from osier, the right one is wicker:
Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei anke-art.deHerz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei

That’s it! The hearts look great in flower pots (do you have a word for those in English? We call it “Blumenstecker” in German):

Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei
Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei
Herz aus Zweigen - Anleitung bei

Have fun!

Pinspiration No. 2

pinspirationchallengeMy second Pinspiration: beautifully romantic, vintage style earrings, based on this Pin. I couldn’t find exactly the same ‘ingredients’ – it would have been too expensive to order them from overseas – but I didn’t want to make a 1:1 copy anyway. Here you can see my two color combos:
"Pinspired" Earrings
Quite cute, don’t you think? I’m not sure whether to leave them like this or to turn them into pendants, though. Dangly earrings tend to irritate me sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you want to join my challenge? Just add your link to my linky:

Join me for a Pinspiration Challenge

When I looked at my Pinterest statistics the other day it almost knocked my socks off: Close to 1500 pins on 67 boards!

Holy Cow…

pinspirationchallengeWell, my year 2015 has the motto “Forward”. As most of my pins are creative stuff, the idea was to give all those pinned projects a try. That’s why I’m challenging myself to re-create/-bake/-craft one pin per week this year.

A “Pinspiration Challenge”, you could say.


schmelztitel_eSo here comes my first Pinspiration: My son (3) loves his little toys, and he loves water! One evening I grabbed a tupperware box and filled it with little cars, smurfs, and figurines. Then I simply added water and put the box in the freezer.
This is the pin which inspired this activity.
The next day, when my junior didn’t quite know what to do, I put a flat glas bowl on the kitchen table and made my son sit on his chair. He watched me in amazement when I opened the freezer, got out the tupperware box and put it under warm water. I emptied the colorful ice block into the bowl. Wait, colorful ice? “Mommy, tractor! Peguin!” – my son was excited when he recognized his toys. How could we free them from the ice? “Mommy hairdryer!” – um, yeah. Better not.

Nasensauger als PipetteWe don’t have a plastic (aka childsafe) eyedropper, and I didn’t want my son to use a syringe. I resorted to a “nasal aspirator” which is used to free a baby’s nose from snot. That sounds disgusting, and it truly is ๐Ÿ˜‰ It needs to be cleaned thoroughly, of course.
I filled a bowl with warm water and showed my son how he could use the “snot sucker” to suck and release the water, slowly removing the ice from his toys.
My little one was busy excavating for almost an hour :).

Sure, I had to remove the melt water and fill the warmwater bowl several times, and the table didn’t stay dry. But my son had a great time! And lots of patience – very untypical of him ๐Ÿ™‚ He beamed and said “Mommy, look!”, whenever he had freed a toy. The first “saved” car was allowed to watch him, of course.

P2120565Doesn’t a frozen smurf look creepy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Among the frozen toys I had a squirt toy which would have floated to the surface. Obviously. So before putting it in the tupperware box, I filled it with water. After the excavation, this turned out to be extra fun: The water inside melted slowly, so the toy had to “pee” quite often.
You see, our child is VERY interested in bodily functions…
P2120561And he doesn’t realize that drinking water from a snot sucker is disgusting. Toddlers are gross ๐Ÿ˜‰

This activity was a hit, so the pin turned out to be a keeper! For my son, it was a great exercise in fine motor skills and patience.

Let’s see what I’ll try next.

How about you? Do you want to join my challenge?

Winterish wreath made of old CDs

As you might guess from my projects, I love recycling and repurposing, making everyday-stuff into something new.

I have a gazillion old CDs which I saved for “the light-bulb moment”, and it came last week*. Why not make a cool wreath?
(*this tutorial was first published in 2011)

I guess this wreath would look great on any office door or at your entrance if you love music.

You need:

  • 12 CDs
  • white matte spray paint
  • double-sided tape
  • nice ribbon to hang the wreath
  • deco snowflake stickers and/or ornaments
  • foil to protect your working space ๐Ÿ˜‰

Step 1: Arrange your CDs
Put one CD on a flat surface. Then group 6 CDs around it. To state the obvious: the shiny side of the CDs should be on top ๐Ÿ˜‰

Step 2: Glue the outer CDs together
Rip strips of your double-sided tape and connect the six outer CDs as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Add the second layer
Now remove the protective foil from the tape strips and, centering the CDs directly between two of the first layer, attach the second batch of 6 CDs (the final CD will be the one from the center).

Here’s an example of some ornaments I used. Remove the ribbons if you use ornaments… Get something with a nice shape, you’ll need it for the next step:

Step 4: Now comes the fun part – spraying!
Be careful to cover your working space with foil. Place the wreath in the middle and put your snowflake ornaments or stickers (upside down and without removing the stickers’ foil) nicely on top of your cds. Arrange the items carefully, you won’t be able to change it later. Now spray an even coat of matte white spray on top of your wreath. You might have to repeat this step one or two times until the color is opaque.

Step 5: Let dry…
… be patient! Let the paint dry completely, then remove the ornaments and/or stickers. You’ll see the shapes of your ornaments sparkle in a nice contrast to your white paint. Now turn the stickers or ornaments around and attach them to the wreath. I chose to only attach the mirrored snowflakes, the others looked too intricate for my taste. I found some cute felt stars in my stash which I attached instead.

Step 6: Now hang and enjoy!
Thread a nice organza ribbon through one of the CDs’ holes and hang your creation to greet any guests.
Have fun!

Halloween Deco: Turn an Umbrella into a spooky Spider’s Web

Halloween Deco: Turn an umbrella into a spooky spider's web :: anke-art

Eeeek, spiders! Real spiders creep me out, but they’re great as a crafty theme. This spider’s web was a prototype, but I’m quite happy about the result. I’m thinking about a version with bright yellow yarn, or even glow-in-the-dark…