Your Handwriting As A Font – Contest

Would you like to have your own handwriting as a font? For free? And earn a little money, too? Well, then my contest might be perfect for you.
On Instagram, you can add a pic of your handwriting (anything from written words to texts or just the alphabet) and add the hashtag #handfontcontest. Until the end of next week, I’ll choose five contributors whose handwritings I will turn into fonts. These will be offered as a bundle, and from each license à 10 USD, each contributor will get a share of 10%.
If that sounds interesting for you, don’t hesitate to grab a pen and paper 😀 – or just tag one of your journal/planner pages with #handfontcontest.

Freebie Time! Confetti Alpha for Party Layouts

confettifreebie-fbToday I finally have a new scrapbooking freebie for you: PARTY! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY written with confetti – high resolution and commercial use friendly!

The files are zipped (8,4MB):


You don’t want to miss future freebies? I’ll let you know:

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Export Fonts directly in Illustrator? Heck, yeah! 1

Through Thick and Thin - Open Type FontI’ve been a fan of the “Mighty Deals” for a few years now, they often have gorgeous fonts and other helpful goodies at sensational discounts.

No, this blog post is not sponsored.

Now I caught a  mega deal which is highly innovative – and it actually works! It was a Kickstarter campaign which I totally missed. Anyway, I found this special deal in the newsletter yesterday, the Fontself Maker for 50% off (24$ instead of 49$). Resistance was futile, so a few minutes after I had purchased the plugin.

Here’s a little overview made by the Fontself team:

So what can I say? AWESOME!

You draw a shape/glyph in Adobe Illustrator, if necessary you group the paths, then you select the new glyphs and move them into the “Fontself Maker” window by drag & drop. When they are ordered from A to Z on a single line, the program assigns the correct characters automatically. Especially cool: create three guides and call them Ascender, Baseline and Descender, select and drag them together with the glyphs – voilà, perfect metrics. For my font, I used a decorative brush. Usually I’d have to turn the glyphs into outlines, but the Fontself Maker does this by itself as well.

What’s still missing is a kerning feature as well as the option to add alternate glyphs. But the Fontself guys are working on that.

I tweaked my font a little in Fontlab Studio and Glyphs Mini because I wanted to have some special characters and kerning. If you don’t care about that, the little tool itself will make you happy.

My little font looks quite cute, don’t you think? You can grab it here as a newsletter freebie:

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Newsletter Freebie

perspectiveA few months ago I saved a poem in my “inspiration” folder, and I had almost forgotten about it when it became viral just the other day.
The poem sounds very depressing and pessimistic until you reach the bottom. When you read it from bottom to top, it becomes amazingly uplifting and optimistic. As the viral photo (can be found here: ronniejoice @ Twitter) looks a bit, well, boring, I made a typographic version which you can get as a newsletter freebie (the poem comes as a printable PDF).
As I just learned, the poem was written by a girl named Chanie Gorkin. Great work!

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