savesyriaschildrenThis girl looks like one of my recorder students. That’s one of the reasons why I am deeply moved by this video (see below). If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you won’t be able to imagine what the refugees –  especially the children – have to go through. Here in Germany, where many refugees are stranded, they are often referred to as “parasites”. Not only by nazis, but also by tag-alongs and those disappointed by the German social system.

“Parasites?” How degrading and simply wrong.

If you are a refugee, you have NOTHING left. The home they used to know and love is destroyed. Bombed, ruined, looted. They can only carry what fits in a bag. They have seen violence, death, sheer cruelty. There is nothing like everyday life any more, friends and family are widely dispersed if not dead. All that is left is hope to find a future, a new place to stay in a foreign land, a completely new beginning. With a new language, new culture, new people. Everthing is unfamiliar and frightening.
And just think about the desperation.
Sounds terrifying, don’t you think? How shocking must it be for the refugees to be greeted by sheer hate here in Germany?! Feeling unwelcome, seeing burning refugees’ homes on the news.

Those people haven’t done anything to us, and they don’t want anything from us. They only want to LIVE.

Those people haven’t done anything to us, and they don’t want anything from us. They only want to LIVE.

Seriously, have those German haters forgotten about our history? I am so happy to live in a town which didn’t have to face the hating yet. We have a group of voluntary “Refugees’ Friends” which offer support for all the new foreign residents.

One of the refugees joined our choir shortly after he arrived in Germany. As he didn’t speak any German, he sang as good as he could by ear. Wonderful! And we all teared up when he sang a traditional song from his home, singing about the beauty of his land. A land which has been bombed, so he won’t ever see its beauty again, only ruins and destruction.
Just the other day I saw a refugee helping a disabled man get on the bus. Friendly, patiently, gentle. Other passengers wouldn’t even consider to offer their help.

“Parasites?” Think again.


Dear Facebook,

this sucks big time. You won’t let me access my account even though I submitted my real name and a photo of my passport.

“It looks like the name on your Facebook account may not be your authentic name”

Well, you know what? I’m an adoptive mother and used a slightly varied spelling for my name so my son’s birth family won’t find me on Facebook, and apart from that I’m a teacher who doesn’t want her students to get too nosy. Or simply, to quote my favorite singer, “I want my privacy!”.

Sure, there would probably be less abuse if everyone used their real name online, but is that realistic? Good luck for checking several million passports and other IDs, you’ll be very busy for a long time if you attempt that.

Let’s see when I get my account back. There are two pages I need to update, and conversations I’d like to follow. And my hubby is amused 😕.

You know what annoys me the most? That I can’t simply shrug it off and say “hey, then let’s live without Facebook”. I just wish that this social media giant would act, well, social.

Wish me luck.

Newsletter Freebie

perspectiveA few months ago I saved a poem in my “inspiration” folder, and I had almost forgotten about it when it became viral just the other day.
The poem sounds very depressing and pessimistic until you reach the bottom. When you read it from bottom to top, it becomes amazingly uplifting and optimistic. As the viral photo (can be found here: ronniejoice @ Twitter) looks a bit, well, boring, I made a typographic version which you can get as a newsletter freebie (the poem comes as a printable PDF).
As I just learned, the poem was written by a girl named Chanie Gorkin. Great work!

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Love is universal

This is just a little post because I’m happy for all who are finally able to legally marry the love of their life. I am hetero, and I’ve been married for 15 years here in Germany – so the Supreme Court’s decision in the USA doesn’t really affect me. But I know some people who had waited for marriage equality for AGES, that’s why I simply have to share this joy 😀
Congratulations & lots of love to you!