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Keine Panik, die Schriften sind nicht alle weg. Bis sie wieder hier* online sind, kannst du sie problemlos bei Fontspace finden.

Mein Shop ist online, ebenso die Fontlizenz.

*ich habe mir in den Kopf gesetzt, für jede Schrift einen eigenen Beitrag zu schreiben. Sind ja nur 63 Stück. *schluck*

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28 Gedanken zu “Fonts

    • Anke Beitragsautor

      Ich hase Dich auch, Tom. 🐰

      Aber im Ernst: Kein Grund, hier beleidigend zu werden. Bei Firlefanz handelt es sich um eine Schrift, die Du ganz legal lizenzieren kannst. Das kostet natürlich Geld. Zum Ausprobieren gibt es die Demo-Version, die dann diesen Hinweis unter bestimmten Zeichen hat.

      Übrigens sehr interessant, dass Tom Stein und Hansi79 die selbe IP-Adresse haben… 🤔


  • Daniel

    I would like to use your scribble font. I know you mentioned to send any amount I think the font is worth to an address in Germany. But, I need this font as quickly as possible. Any other faster form of payment? Credit card over the phone?

  • Hardy Jahr

    Hallo Anke

    Ich bräuchte eine genaue Anleitung für Typo Garden Full und Typo Garden Addon.
    Komme leider nicht zurecht mit den Ebenen in der Anleitung die dabei war.
    Im voraus Danke Hardy

    • Anke Beitragsautor

      Hallo Hardy,
      mit welchem Programm arbeitest Du denn? Sprich: Benutzt Du eine Grafiksoftware wie Photoshop, oder willst Du WORD verwenden?

  • Ruth

    Hi Anke,

    Loving your Typo Garden Font and would like to use it for my jewellery design business – logo, website, marketing material and so on.

    Can you let me know if the licence it comes with allows this for all eternity.

    Many thanks

  • Valeria

    Hi Anke!
    I would like to use your Typo garden font for our logo (we have a nursery of organic plants).
    Can I have some info on how it works? I see the price in dollars…may i know the price in euros?
    what kind of payment do you accept?


  • Benee

    Hi Anke,
    I’m interested in using your Typo Garden font for my new business (business cards, flyers, a new website and other types of advertising). If I purchase this font packet, will I be able to use it for all things I mentioned? Also, how will I be able to access the fonts to use as I am preparing to set up my business? Is there a time limit as to when I will be able to use them or are they mine to use when needed?
    Thank you.

    • Anke

      Hi Benee,
      Thanks for asking!
      If you purchase a licence for the font, you’ll receive the font file in the common TrueType format. You can install it on your computer without any time limitation, and you can use it for all things mentioned. By the way, if you want me to link back to your site, drop me a line 🙂
      Greetings from Germany

  • Carmen

    Hi Anke

    It’s Carmen again. I´m sorry, I didn´t get your emai. Maybe i was at my spam box and I deleted it by mistake, could you send it again?

    Thanks very much in advance!

  • sathish

    i want generate barcode using your font (barcodefont.ttf) in crystal report but i don’t know how to generate please help me…. i need encode ( example for code39 font encode of 390899 is ‚*390899*‘
    and barcodefont …?)

    • Anke

      Hi Gabriel, this must be due to specific security settings in your browser or your firewall – the files are downloadable, I checked them (in Chrome, too). Do you want me to e-mail the files to you?

  • Carmen

    Hi Anke!
    I love your Typo Garden, and I want to use it in a logo for a handmade soap shop in Spain (where I come from). Am I allowed to do it? Please, could you contact me with more info about the use of your fonts?
    Thanks very much!

  • Mika Heisenberg

    Big shout out to U brotha.Bitte entschuldigen Sie meine mangelnde deutsche language.Make sehr viel Fehler, also muss ich auf Englisch schreiben.Nice to find your site from my WinAmp files.Big fan of Die Fantastischen Vier since their early days,plus way back in the day with CAN- Amon Düül. I like your site.
    Peaz out Bro.

    • Anke Beitragsautor

      English is not a problem, but I’m a sista rather than a brotha *lol*. I actually had to google „Amon Düül“… Years ago I saw Die Fantastischen Vier live in concert, they’re awesome. Have a great Sunday!

  • Tia

    Hey Anke, How is the weather in Germany? I would like to know more information about the use of your fonts. Will you please contact me by email?

    Thanks, Tia (in Canada)

    • Anke Beitragsautor

      Hi Garen,
      unfortunately I have no other payment system for credit cards, but if you e-mail me which font you’d like to buy (anke.arnold[at], you might send me a voucher for Amazon or something from my wishlist instead of paying cash. That’d work fine for me.
      Greetings from Germany